February 15th, 2007

On that note .... nice to meet you :)

Oh yeah… good idea Dom… introducing ones self :P
Seeing as how I’m trying to get this community up and running I should probably do the same :)

My name is Brena. I’m 22

I just graduated w/ an undergraduate in Sociology and a minor in Art and have always been on the look out for some way to combine the two. Periodically a study on this or that about art would come up or a project thats related would be posted by a nonprofit but I could never seem to find a steady outlet for myself or anyone else. So for the time being I decided to make my own and hope that other people are in the same boat with their own ideas and knowledge of programs and possibilities. If this community gets used often enough I will be trying to move it to a .org site and start a nonprofit online artist coalition. Agencies could access the site to post possible projects and call for artists when needed etc…. I know it is a little far fetched as of yet but were all creative we can't help dreaming. And if enough people dream like me we can get this project slowly but surely on the way to eventually becoming it’s own nonprofit field.

As for my medium… poetry, illustration, drawing, printmaking, screen-printing, painting, and some Photoshop/illustrator/freehand manipulations and photography… basically you put it in front of me I’ll have at it J

…but I cant knit, quilt, ….”read music ;P”, dance, sing, build anything sturdy, or write a full length story for the life of me.

Right now the only other project I’m working on is designing a CD cover/ booklet for a rapper that can be found on myspace music Hayyoth the Meka.

Want to know anything else just ask.
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