February 16th, 2007


Art for a cause.

This is good stuff.

It's nice to see such a very exciting and positive entity emerge here,
and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish as a group.

It's quite impressive to see someone take a stand and create a place
for people to stop and DO.

So often, we make art for the sake of making art.
That is not a bad thing; Not at all.

However, with a focal point such as this,
we can work togehther for a common goal,
and make something for any number of worthwhile causes.

I, for one, am in.

For an introduction, I have little to offer.

My name is Michael;
I have a short lived, yet well enjoyed educational background in
world studies, and am still seeking to continue it, and will, in due time.

I work mostly with music production, hip hop, drum and bass/jungle, and downtempo/chill beatwriting, lyricism, poetic ventures, general wordsmithing, spoken word flows, sampling, and trying to blend the whole mishmash together into something nice to listen to. I just need a
few partners to help with most of the actual speaking parts...

I work, or have worked, with various paints, charcoal, and spray cans, as well as a bit of woodcarving, and minor, mostly experimental metalwork.

I mostly enjoy the opennes of mixed media projects, and as well, a bit of photography.

Food is art.

I'm looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished here,
and admire and repsect the initiative taken to begin it.

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Below is just a little snippet of some things in the news to get your gears rolling. I will periodically post items like this I think it is important for us to be aware for both inspiration in our art and to better our ability to be proactive.  I do have to preface the first of these posts with the following disclaimer and I ask that everyone in the community follows the same guidelines in commenting on, and discussing, these posts, or creating your own bulletins for this lj.

this is not a site to declare your pro or anti feelings towards others. Sharing information that is for or against any given topics is acceptable so that it is posed in a respectable truthful fashion.  Just because someone posts about a given topic doesn't mean those are the views they hold or that you should hold but that the subject matter is under public/national discussion and this fact makes it relevant and important to share and consider regardless of personal stance.

thanks again, hope to hear from you soon and looking forward to your posts for the booklet whenever you have the time and desire.



Black History Month

Black History Month

In the next installment of our series for Black History Month, we recognize some of the African-American artists who have pushed the envelope and advanced racial discourse in their field.

Langston Hughes (1902-67) Born in Missouri in 1902, Hughes traveled in Europe and Africa before returning to the states. He used jazz rhythms to depict the lives of urban blacks in his writings and protest the injustices committed against African-Americans. One of the most prolific and profound artists of his period, his work still resonates today.
(Robert W. Kelley, Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)



Old article, but its only gotten to be more of an issue

>Health Care Pains

Growing Health Care Concerns Fuel Cautious Support for Change

Americans by a 2-1 margin prefer a universal health insurance program over the current employer-based system.


>Obesity Reaches Preschool February 16, 2007

Four-Year-Old Kayla's Battle With Her Weight


>Global Lawmakers Seek New Climate Accord

February 16, 2007

Group of Global Lawmakers Urge New Agreement Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2009


>1 Woman at a Time Thursday, Feb. 15, 2007

Asheville Pregnancy Support Services often gives baby gear to women who feel they can't afford to raise a child.

Dana Lixenberg for TIME


Food for thought….


Open quoteWe're talking a lot of jars of peanut butterClose quote

  • a chief medical officer at the FDA, on the recall of all peanut butter produced since May 2006 at a major ConAgra plant [EM] the sole production site of Peter Pan [EM] because some may be contaminated with salmonella


Vote for Me, Al Franken Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2007

Comedian Al Franken is framed by the Seal of the State of Minnesota as he talks to a guest on his radio show on Air America before announcing he will run for U.S. Senate in 2008 in Minnesota, February 14, 2007.

Ann Heisenfelt / AP



AIDS virus weakness detected February 16, 2007

Feb 14, 2007 — WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists have captured an image of the AIDS virus in a biological handshake with the immune cells it attacks, and said on Wednesday they hope this can help lead to a better vaccine against the incurable disease.


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Idea.... Its a dogs day...and cats....wolfs....sugar gliders....?

Can you paint, draw, or sketch caricatures?..... do you like animals?

How about calling your local Humane society and volunteering your services for a future fund raiser. The humane society is a haven and adoption center for animals ran entirely by volunteers and funded entirely through fund raising and donation. They often have various fund raisers to keep the facilities going.

We all know the street fair /art fair artist who charges for caricatures. I love them :)Why not offer to provide caricatures sketches of peoples pets, or people with their pets if they wish, who attend the fund raiser as many of the events involve bring ones pets along. The money raised minus your supply cost if you wish goes to the shelter. You could also offer to do this with newly adopted pets with a little intelligent negotiation. While doing the sketches free for your time and your art as the money is donated to the Human Society be sure to sign your work and have business cards to pass out with the sketch to promote yourself in the process of helping fund an amazing agency.

Are you lyrical, musical, or poetic?.....do you like animals?

Why not consider the above idea... except make improvisational jingles cheaply recorded on site or hand written improvisational poetry about each pet. This would take more on the spot wit on your behalf but you can use the same promotion as above. If your a musician burn cheep demo tapes or disks with a song or so and information where to hear more  to give away with your jingle about the pet. If your a poet and you have a web page or another project that you can afford to give out with your poem do so.

Are you a hobbiest, craftsmaker, sewer, quilter, sculpture, ceramicist, woodworker etc......do you like animals?

Consider the above but rather than a caricature on the spot production create animal centered works and offer to vend a table of your art free or at reduced rate (ie keeping half for you half to the Human Society) of every item you sell at the fund raiser or as fund raiser prizes/ or auction pieces. Be sure to claim your pieces and provide any extra info like business cards with contact info that you deem needed

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Art - Crystal


I thought I should take a brief moment here to introduce myself since I just joined. I joined via a little community promotion on betherevolution (see how well I work in my own community promotion?! ::grins::).

I love to draw, thought I think I'm only all right at it, but still, I really do love to do it. I also occasionally write, which I enjoy doing as well.

Anyway, this is a great idea. Kudos!
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