May 30th, 2007

Inside out

"Your breasts would perfectly fit in the champagne glasses," he said, being enchanted by her body. It is this spark of a man truly desiring a woman in his eys that made her forget about the ones she left behind at home. "You know, you are the only one who makes me feel like a woman," she gasped, melting under his gentle hands. And that thought both frightened and excited her. She always knew that her man at home was her real man - understanding, supportive, caring, loving. Loving... She barely collected herself from his caresses, tempting to turn her life upside down, from inside out... Her inside felt split right in the middle, at the very core of her being. That same core that made her woman, passionate, wild, restless...

"How did I get here?" her remote attempt of rationalization and self-analysis was cut short with his kisses. He kissed her on the shoulder, sensing that she was fleeting away from him in her head. "I love your wilderness," he whispered, nibblling gently her ear and sending a wave of irresitable and growing desire around her body.

He tried to pull her closer to himself. She resisted, playfully but with determination. As his lips were aiming to catch hers, she jumped out of bed like a scared cat. Cats like to walk on their own.
Silent, she got dressed and walked out the door to meet herself again...
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