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Art for a cause.

This is good stuff.

It's nice to see such a very exciting and positive entity emerge here,
and I can't wait to see what we can accomplish as a group.

It's quite impressive to see someone take a stand and create a place
for people to stop and DO.

So often, we make art for the sake of making art.
That is not a bad thing; Not at all.

However, with a focal point such as this,
we can work togehther for a common goal,
and make something for any number of worthwhile causes.

I, for one, am in.

For an introduction, I have little to offer.

My name is Michael;
I have a short lived, yet well enjoyed educational background in
world studies, and am still seeking to continue it, and will, in due time.

I work mostly with music production, hip hop, drum and bass/jungle, and downtempo/chill beatwriting, lyricism, poetic ventures, general wordsmithing, spoken word flows, sampling, and trying to blend the whole mishmash together into something nice to listen to. I just need a
few partners to help with most of the actual speaking parts...

I work, or have worked, with various paints, charcoal, and spray cans, as well as a bit of woodcarving, and minor, mostly experimental metalwork.

I mostly enjoy the opennes of mixed media projects, and as well, a bit of photography.

Food is art.

I'm looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished here,
and admire and repsect the initiative taken to begin it.

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