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ATTENTION KNITTERS OUILTERS etc...a few ideas to get the ball rolling....so to speak

> With each new ball of yarn you buy or new type you try make the first article a piece to be donated to the homeless.

> Save and Recycle old cloths/sheets/garments etc for fabric use in new projects rather than throwing them away if you are not going to donate them or they are to stained or damaged to donate. This is especially helpful for families with children as they grow constantly and are hard on clothing.
Variation start a collection for damaged/worn/old clothing items in your community. These could be combined with canned drives. The cloths will not find their way to landfills and the fabric gathered can be used for the supplies for any number of the other projects mentioned in this post or other ideas you might come up with on your own.

>Teachers/students/youth groups etc have your class/group create a quilt square each. Have a party at the end to celebrate combining and donating/auctioning the quilt.
Variation each person visits a social agency, homeless shelter, adoption agency, retirement home, hospice etc and makes a quilt square about the experience or w/ the individual they were meeting with.

> Have friends that constantly ask you to show them how to do it or want you to make them something? Would you do it for free anyway?... try asking your friends to drop you a handful of change or a small donation if they are able and wouldn’t take offense in exchange for the garment or lesson to be used for charity.

> Have a Tupperware party with a twist! Have a party, make some garments ahead of time to be sold and give as much of the proceeds as you can to your desired nonprofit. This can be done alone or as a group activity.

> Teach a "how to" class for free as recreation for kids, the elderly, or other needy groups.

> Have a knit/Quilt party. Everyone eats knits and is merry. While helping to make an item to donate or generating ideas for projects

> Create a knitters/Quilter's club... like a book club. Meet weekly, once a month, whatever works... talk, knit, enjoy... and always have at least one group project for those in need or social change. Quilters sew squares for blankets meet and piece them together provide them to homeless families for instance.
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